For those of us who do not have Camelot wheel key reader here is some info to help figure out what key the Electro Kit #1 being used for the competition is in. The TOP list is the kit in the original order key coded. The BOTTOM list is the kit in order from the highest key to the lowest (If my ears did not fail me). I used Xylio's Future Decks Pro to key the kit, so depending on its accuracy and the accuracy of the one you use the key may or may not be the same. No matter what key shows up the botom list shows you how the keys flow from highest to lowest. If you find descrepancy please post so we can correct.

electro kit1_01A_G#m
electro kit1_02A_B
electro kit1_03A_A#m
electro kit1_04A_Fm
electro kit1_05A_Cm
electro kit1_06A_Gm
electro kit1_07A_A#
electro kit1_08A_Am
electro kit1_09A_Em
electro kit1_09A_Em
electro kit1_11A_F#m
electro kit1_12A_C#m

01. electro kit1_03A_A#m
02. electro kit1_08A_Am
03. electro kit1_04A_Fm
04. electro kit1_09A_Em
05. electro kit1_01A_G#m
06. electro kit1_06A_Gm
07. electro kit1_11A_F#m
08. electro kit1_07A_A#
09. electro kit1_02A_B
10. electro kit1_12A_C#m
11. electro kit1_05A_Cm
12. electro kit1_10A_Bm