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Thread: Tempo Range?

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    It depends on your preference and the feel of the crowd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrkleen View Post
    There are times to do drops, go from 128 to 80 if the time of the night warrants a change. But to suggest that you can mix up and down the BPM ranges all night AND keep it smooth and logical shows a serious lack of understanding of how to DJ.
    No one is suggesting that

    you don't go 80 - 140 - 128 - 105 - 120 - 64 - 92. It's more like 128, next 5-7 songs in a similar range (+/- 3-4%), transition down to hiphop/reggaeton/r&b for 5-7 songs, read the crowd, see where to go, etc... With hip hop you can have a bit more leeway in how you cut and scratch but big jumps still don't work very well.

    The way you mix affects how often you transition as well. If you're quick mixing (basically sampling a few bars, or working in just one phrase and mixing out to a new track) you can get away with some BPM changes here and there without strictly beat matching. It all depends on your style.

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    CLUBS -

    If I have an hour at a club I'll usually stick to one style in a +/- 4 BPM.

    BARS -

    I had a resident gig at a bar and they asked me to play just about everything, total freedom. I would play 4-5 tunes at 90 and use premade transitions/mashups to different BPMs. This is my favorite style of mixing.


    I've been doing a lot of private parties lately... I get zero freedom and the music they request is terrible. I did a sweet 16 party over the weekend and they requested my entire set. I didn't think up a single tune on my own. It makes my job really f*cking easy, but the tempo goes from like 88 to 120 to 110 to 90 to 130 to 85 to 77, etc... It's not even worth mixing creatively... it's just slam after slam after slam. Nobody gives a shit though and the money is great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank112916 View Post
    No one is suggesting that

    Quote Originally Posted by aaroninky View Post
    Basically I asked him why he wasn't beat-matching and actually mixing his tracks, instead opting to cover the outro of every track with tons of annoying phaser and delay effects in order to bring in the next... and his reply was "I'm not interested in beat-matching, who wants to just play the exact same bpm stuff all night? No ability in that".

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