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    So i bought ableton live 8 only a few days after it came out, and already its nearly useless. I tryed to drag and drop some music files from iTunes into ableton but to no avail so i just figured wtf ever i can live with that even tho it was annoying. so i just used the ableton browser to drag the music from there the harder way, but aparently it still wouldnt bring in any of my music.
    it says at the bottom "mp3 may be corrupt or unlicensed" and it does this with nearly all of my music the only things i can drag in are wave or aiff files.

    any one else have this problem? or even better a solution? cause this software is almost useless to me now >={

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    probably the tech support from ableton is the best solution in this case.

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    I had a problem with 7 where if i imported an MP3 it would insert glitches all through the track, but aac worked fine, think it was something to do with sound card drivers or something.

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