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    Anyone got experience with them? I was considering get the Shure MRB bag, looks extremely solid! [ame=""] Shure MRB Heavy-Duty Record Album Tote Bag: Musical Instruments@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]

    I only have 26 records, would I need to put foam in there or something to keep them from rocking about? Are there any other bags in the same price range that are better?

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    I have the exact bag. Its a beast. I use it for equipment and records. Yeah for 26 records you may want more in there. I'm not sure how many can fit to be honest though.

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    Do you know if it could fit a laptop or 4 channel mixer? I have a Xone 62 and a 17 inch HP.

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    I have one of those in my garage, great for toting some records, headphones, and pockets for my needles! Great bag, and sturdy as hell!

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