Who uses an X1 with Scratch Live - needs some tips
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    Default Who uses an X1 with Scratch Live - needs some tips

    Ok so I've been messing around with this have checked out the vids on Youtube - props to Konix, great work man.

    So far I have it set up like this:

    1. Controller Editor using the 2.2 default, have the mapping in my midi folder
    2. Using midipipe - just read that is no longer needed
    3. LED feedback - I have the controller editor set to gate and the commands in SSL set to relative (i think). This works about 80-90% of the time. Sometimes though it doesn't respond on first push so the second push will activate the command in SSL but now my lights are off. Is there a better way?

    The last night, mid gig my X1 stopped responding in SSL. It responded in the controller editor but nothing in SSL. I replugged and nothing. Could not re-map either.

    If this worked as smooth in SSL as it does in Traktor this would be an awesome piece of kit for SSL.
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    I've had the same experience with the X1 not responding after unplugging and replugging with SSL up on occassion... had no choice but to shut down and restart SSL then re-load my mapping (thankfully I carry some backup CD's so I could keep playing) and i'm not even bothering to use the controller editor or midi-pipe for light feedback either. Hopefully someone has figured out a work-around to avoid this.

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