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Thread: Vci-400!

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    Default Vci-400!

    hey guys..

    there are already some threads floating around about the new vci 400, mainly early problems and demo stuff.

    first off all, mods: i'm only guessing, but probably djtt will sell the 400, so it would be nice to put all the 400 threads in the VCI-100 Support Forum.

    since the VCI 400 allows more customization than the S4 (hence Midi instead of NHL) it's (at least for me) essential to have a complete IN and OUT midi map template of the hole unit. much easier to map stuff this way..

    anybody already made or found one?

    got my unit just today and apart from some inconvieniences it's an amazing product. only the official vestax tsi sucks.. and i cant wait until djtt releases its mapping
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    So, this is the central VCI400 topic ?

    As most VCI 400 owners are talking on the "VCI 400 Problems" topic. Maybe we should rename it and put it in the correct section ?

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    I ordered mine too. Just waiting for my friend to bring it on Thursday from the UK to Thailand. Was a difficult choice between the S4 and VCI-400, but I hate to be limited to Traktor only. So I chose for Vestax's versatility because it's a MIDI controller.

    But to stay on topic, it would be cool if we can have a special forum topic reserved for the VCI-400. Anyway, I think this will come eventually with the upcoming mappings for the Ean Golden Edition.
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