Need sum help wiff setup!
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    Default Need sum help wiff setup!


    Here's what I have.

    - Macbook Pro (meh)
    - 2x Stanton C324 CDJ
    - Stanton M203 mixer

    What is the easiest way to set this up so that I can use Traktor Scratch Pro with the least amount of latency between CDJ's and computer?

    Up until now, just been using the CDJ's and mixer with CD's, haven't integrated with laptop yet.

    Explanation for how to connect this shtuff up to computer?
    Also if you could include what cables I need.


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    Very simple, you need to buy a Traktor Scratch Pro package ( which comes with an audio interface, timecode CDs and all necessary cables.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fullenglishpint View Post
    Very simple, you need to buy a Traktor Scratch Pro package ( which comes with an audio interface, timecode CDs and all necessary cables.
    Thanks! I know the timecode CDs are required for the Traktor Scratch software, but is there any other audio interface that's out there that is less of a burden on the wallet? My budget doesn't really allow for the Traktor Audio 10....$400-500 bones is out of range right now

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    Have you considered the Audio 6? or a second hand A4, then buy a license key also? If you want to use timecode, you have to have a Native Instruments soundcard, however if it's a bit too expensive, there is a free option called Mixxx, which has a timecode option meaning you could use any soundcard. I've never used it but search in general because there was a pretty big topic about it a while back!

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    If you are looking to save $$, go with mixxx. The timecode is a free download I believe, so you just burn it to a cd, plug it all in and you should be good to go as long as your cd players or mixer can hook up to your computer
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    I was looking to get rid of my A4DJ with the multicore cables, CDs, and vinyl... Still have box and TSD license number. After that you would just have to Upgrade software if you want the latest and greatest. PM me if you wanna work something out.

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