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    Default Jah Vomit's setup

    Hey people. This is my first post.

    By the way, i don't have tons of cash and i get by with what i have.
    And i get by pretty good compared to some CDJ users (Not that i'm hatin' on you)

    Oh yeah and i'm french so my english might not be super-duper.


    I'll get some more pix soon, but i just wiped my HD so i lost all me photos


    So i was playing dj hero and one of my mates houses and i was like. I'm gonna check out this Dj'ing stuff. So i went online and searched google etc... I finally decided on a Hercules MP3e2 cause' i had about 99 euros to spend, and it was at 69euros. I thought i can either get creative and do something or buy another years xbox subscription and waste my life.

    So i used VDJ pro for about 5 months with a cheap 3 euro soundcard that worked well with VDJ. Then i decided to move to traktor. My soundcard wouldn't work because Traktor would keep skipping and popping and glitching and crashing and stuff. I played around with the ASIO4ALL settings a bit and it didn't work, so i ended up kind of freestyling with no headphones :eek:

    Since then i had gotten into music production with ableton (Dub reggae, Dubstep, Trip-hop) so when christmas came around i got me an APC40. Set it up with traktor and bought another cheap soundcard for traktor (Since i still can't afford a proper one) good news though, if i put Gamebooster on Traktor and plug both soundcards in, the sound doesn't glitch.
    But still, setting it up was a pain, so i decided to DJ with ableton, and i still am, until i get enough money to buy a soundcard.

    Oh yeah, and if you're wondering why i can never afford anything it's because i'm 14. And in france it's illegal for me to get a job, like even paper rounds don't exist here

    Can't wait to get a proper soundcard though, Dj'ing with ableton is tons of fun, but it kind of makes me feel like a SYNC button DJ. Also the stickers on the Hercules are kind of random, one of my mate stuck them on while i wasn't looking, now i can't get them off with out it looking worse

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    As i said earlier i'll get some more photos.


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    Nice setup, do u use the apc40 for ableton as well?
    Numark mixtrack - Numark DJ IO Sound card - Akai lpd8 - Traktor pro 2 - Senheiser HD205

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    Yeah, at the moment i'm only DJ'ing with Live because of soundcard issues and all.

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    "but it kind of makes me feel like a SYNC button DJ"

    Well seeing that your controller doesn't have pitch faders, you shouldn't be talking

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    I use the volume faders as pitch faders on traktor. :P

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    What are your thoughts of live performance with the APC 40 and Live ??

    And if you ever get tired of that APC, hit me up, I'm from belgium

    And JahVomit Puh-Lease, your english is great !

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    Live perfomance of my own productions with Live is awesome. They've really covered everything, and if you want you can remap the whole thing in less than five minutes!
    Just make sure to freeze tracks or extract the audio from them because otherwise you'll have big CPU spikes (My computer have these huge CPU spikes) especially if you're using VSTs like Massive.

    For Dj'ing i'm back using Traktor since i find a work around my cheap-ass soundcard problems. I'm using the Hercules for EQ'ing, volumes and navigating the tracks. The APC40 i use for sample deck volumes, pitch fader, hot cue'ing, effects, looping, and that loop recorder thing at the top, in the middle.

    What i'd really like to do though is not have to look at my computer screen. I have everything hidden so my browser is litterally the only thing you see. I do everything with my ears. I have an ipod, i was wondering if there's a TouchOSC mod that shows the browser. That would be PERFECT.

    Thanks about my english

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    Default APC40 HD pics :)

    I know my kind of setup doesn't deserve this good of quality photo, but i got an apportunity to do this photo for free.

    Big up to the photographer.

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    ^ hey it's fine & sexy, i would use this as a desktop wallpaper (in fact i've been using pics of my gears as wallpaper too in the past)..too bad i never had the chance to have a professional photo shoot session :P

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