Nano Pad + Traktor 3 = mapping problem
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    Default Nano Pad + Traktor 3 = mapping problem


    I have may be quite a simple question, but still

    So, I've just recieved my nano pad and furiously mapping one of it's scenes to control cue points.

    Everything went fine with the first row of nano pad (1-6) and i maped it fully to Deck A 6 cue points

    when I decided to do the same for the row 7 - 12 - i got into problem.

    the signal from pad 7 is the same as deck cue monitor signal from my midi controller (bdc3000)

    see the attached img...

    is there any easy way to solve this? so that i can say may be something like "nano pad is CH2" ?

    P.s. the same shit is with it's touch pad - it's y axis is the same signal as x-fader....quite annoying)

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    Damn)) I'm lazy))
    I think I solved the issue

    Why I never read the manual in the first place!((
    Gonna tune the pad through kontrol editor...

    P.s. it's just I got so excited using so convenient and nice cue

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    Hey just an FYI. please read the forum guidelines before posting. The controller mapings forum is for finished/in progress mappings only. For questions and advice on mappings please post in general. thanks!
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