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    Default tone arm adjustment help

    Ok I feel like a complete noob here but i'm in need of assistance.. I've watched a handfull of videos on setting up your tonearm height and understand the concept but here is my question. I have stanton str8-100 turntables and they have a lever on them that raises and lowers the tonearm. So when i'm trying to set the weight for the tonearm should I be adjusting it while the lever is lowered or raised?

    Also I have seen that you want your tonearm to be floating almost, whenever i try to get mine to float, by the time it's close i have moved the weight so far back that it's falling off the tonearm itself.

    Could someone please help me out please with this confusion

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    You need to have the lever down.

    Is the counter weight in the right way? I have seen instances where what you are describing happens because the counterweight has been put on backwards. Some people put it on backwards to add more weight for scratching but it's not a great idea.

    Also, to get it to float it shouldn't have to go far that far back to begin with. Why not take a quick video showing how are you are trying to set it up? Pretty sure we could find out what's going on that way.
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