Now Where do I start? :S
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    Hey guys!

    For the past year I've been a bedroom DJ using a hercules RMX, APC20, and a Akai LPD8. I've become quite familiar with DJ'ing with Traktor and Ableton and would know how to perform a DJ set. I've also practiced at a buddies house for countless hours with CDJ's so I know how to use those aswell.

    Now I spin house, electro house, dubstep, and even some hardstyle. I also produce house and dubstep and I am releasing a free EP within the next couple months under a future possible freenetlabel.

    Question is, I know nobody in the Dj'ing business and I am 17. So i don't have any hook ups with promoters or anything. I've put countless ads on kijiji and nadda. What do i do? Where do i start?

    Kind of sick of doing sets everyday because I feel I am ready for a crowd.

    Thanks guys! If it helps I am from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. (Waterloo region)

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    I wish I knew some promoters for you, I'm in Kitchener, but my audience is the wall in my livingroom. Check with Beta. They are a new club that opened up in uptown waterloo. All electronic. Side note, Zedds Dead plays there tomorrow night.
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    I was in Waterloo last week, I would have been your audience of 1.
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