DurtyJerzy's temp setup
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    Default DurtyJerzy's temp setup

    just my temp set up till i move house but at the end it works for me
    2 x Vestax PDX 2000's Rane TTM 56 Serato Scratch Live SL1 Novation Dicers Akai LPD8 the lap top stand is a bit I made from an old speaker stand, that I fabbed up some brackets for the LPD and bolted the SL1 box to the stand (I have just got an SL3 for gigs) the absent laptop is a Samsung with 4 gig RAM and a 750 gig H/D

    Because the club I play at has it own set of 1200's, the only thing I have to do is grab the mixer, lpd8, and dicers, and my vinyl, and im all set to go#

    Im moving house at the end of March, so watch this space for my new set up with an IKEA stand with some super ill hidden features i have planned

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    sweet! nice 56 yooooo
    Traktor/Ableton /Komplete /MBP OSX el capitan


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    what can i say? being turntablist/hiphop/old skool fiend i cant find anything better.... this replaced my vestax pmc-05 with pro x fade... this rane has been across the pond 16 times been battered and beat and still is buttery smooth... but i find myself itching for the 62 z trip

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