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    Not sure where to put this so here goes:
    I just bought a VCI400 and for the life of me I can't figure out why the jog wheel scratch isnt working! When I touch the jogwheel the track stops, but by turning it goes no where o.o this is in traktor pro 2. hellllllllllp ty

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    Did you try checking the platter sensitivity controls on the front left of the unit?

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    You need to download the latest version of traktor and the new mapping from vestax and update the firmware



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    So for anyone else that was having this issue, the problem was that I was running leopard, not snow leopard which is the minimum requirement for traktor.

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    I have a similar issue, but it's on Windows 7. I spoke with Vestax support, they helped me setup the firmware and import the new mappings in the right order, in the right way. The OS didn't matter in my case. After setup, I experienced several buttons and functions on the controller that still were inoperable or required custom mapping. Instead of continuing with this trouble, I just downloaded a custom mapping by Ean Golden from the DJ TechTools site .

    Right now I need to DJ with 4 track decks and a few sample decks. I can learn how to map custom buttons later.

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