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    Default Skiing in Tahoe and Hols in San Fran - the good old British Question...?

    Whats the weather like out there at the moment and through to the beginning of March?

    I'm heading our for 4 days in San Fran and then 6 in Tahoe for my first times skiing and I don't have a clue what to pack for the various weather/activities.... any help from some locals would be a great help.

    Also some places to check out in SF....sights, bars, clubs, food etc.


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    Just came back from tahoe and sf...

    Tahoes still pretty cold but not snowing or anything.. 40s (f) during day and much colder at nite. Trails got blown snow and are ok right now but not great.

    SF, theres tons to do.. I find the parties tend to differ from venue to venue every time i go (except some of the cheesier joints like ruby skye and 1015). Endup on sat nights/sunday morn is still good for cracky afterhours and good tech/house music. There were some fun plces on harrison st but i cant remember the names. Best thing to do is talk to the locals when u get out there to see whats going on.. Start somewhere south of market.

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