In Need of Setup Advise..
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    Default In Need of Setup Advise..

    Hello, new to the forum, and after some advise on setting up some equipment. Hopefully I am posting in the correct place, if not please can a mod move it..

    Anyways, my friend has an event coming up, and needs to fill the opening hour just as people are coming into the venue, so has asked myself and another mate to fill the gap. We are by no means DJ's, more hobbyists admittedly, but learning day by day...

    The equipment is as follows..

    2 x Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK2's
    Allen & Heath Xode 464 Mixers
    13" MacBook Pro running Serato Scratch Live.

    We would like to be able to connect this all together, use the laptop to select the track, and use the CDJ's to cue tracks, use the jogwheel, and have the display in working order, and obviously the mixer to well umm mix.

    Is this simple to setup? I read somewhere about using Serato TimeCode CD's?

    Any help is greatly appreciated..

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    It's easy enough to set up, here's a link to the serato support page where you can find manuals for whichever audio interface you're going to use (SL-1,2,3 or 4). The manual will have setup instructions. If you don't already have SSL timecode CDs, there's a download link to burn your own on the Serato site too.

    Look in the 'more downloads' box.
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    You'll need a serato audio interface to be able to use timecode cd's

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    Even easier would be to just burn the tracks you want to play on cds. Takes some time and empty cds, but certainly saves you some configuration
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