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    Home: 2xStanton Str8-150s, 1xDJM900, 2xKontrol X1, HD 25s

    House Parties:2xCDJ900 (if im feeling it, ill bring my stantons w/ some vinyl), 1XDJM900, MBP quadcore w/ Traktor (dont need X1s), HD 25s

    Club: 2-4CDs with setlist, usually house 2xCDJ1000s/DJM800 (sometimes 2000s), HD25s

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    House Party:
    S2, Macbook, yamaha kc-150, Numark NPM5, powerstrip, extension cord , cables, table, caution tape.

    S2, Macbook, headphones, cables, powerstrip, backup audio CDs, back up USB key.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jester.NZ View Post
    everything bar the kitchen sink.
    ^^this^^ all i really need is my laptop, soundcard and hd25's but i take a LOT more.
    MBP / 8gb Ram / 1TB / SSL / Rane SL2 / HD25's / Dicers / Empty Bank Account

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dj Havik View Post
    Answer the following:
    1.What rig do you take out when you are doing a house party?
    I don't do house parties or weddings
    But if its a mobile gig you are talking about in general:
    Denon DNMC6000
    Behringer EP4000 Amp
    Behringer SU990 Ultramizer
    GTD Audio Wireless Mic
    2 EV ELX115 main cab
    2 EV ELX118 subs
    Odyssey Truss
    a few Chauvet LED lights and a controller

    Quote Originally Posted by Dj Havik View Post
    Answer the following:
    2.What rig do you take when you are DJing at a club?
    My Macbook Pro if the club has its own set up. I have VDJ, Traktor and SSL on it so I can pretty much just plug in play on any system.
    If I am playing with someone at the club, I will bring my NS6
    If the club does not have decks, I bring 2 Denon DNS3700 and a Denon DNX1600 mixer.
    1 Denon DNX1600, 2 Technics SL1200MKII, 1 Pioneer DDJ SX, 1 Reloop Terminal Mix2, 1 MBP running VDJ/Traktor/Serato SL/DJ

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    small private partys: 2x cdj200 + ecler smac pro 30

    bigger private partys 2x cdj400 or 2x cdj850 + xone42 or xone92

    clubs: whatever is there + my cd case + hd25

    if the club pays more for more action: 2x cdj400 as addition to the 2 which are already there + xone92 + hd25 + another dj which is a friend of mine ;o) = insane back2back action while we use one aux send for the second dj headphones to have a second and independent cue-section to manage 4 decks with 2 dj's =)
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    ( ~ a psychedelic trance ritual )

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