Skipping Needle from subwoofer
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    Default Skipping Needle from subwoofer

    Hey so i'm pretty new to timecode vinyl but i really plan on sticking with it. Im curious to know if theres anything i can do about my needle skiping because of the subwoofer? ive played a few events with these turntables and i keep encountering this problem. is it my cheap needles? i have two stanton t80's and a serato sl1. would getting some fresh new needles help? i put a lot weight on the needle and that helps a bit.

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    Maybe this wil help, it is a link from a dutch website, but you will get the idea.
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    Move the sub away from your decks. Your sub doesn't have to be right next to your speakers...
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    part of it might be the turntable which doesn't damp vibrations as good as, say, a 1200. i've never seen a t.80 turntable so idk for sure. but yeah, poor vibration damping ability is a common problem of cheap turntables.

    another possible cause could be an incorrect setup of your turntable. it is critical to set the tracking force and anti-skating appropriately. incorrect settings for these not only degrade the sound quality, they also work to reduce the skip resistance of the stylus. particularly, i've seen many n00bs who set absurd tracking forces, making their stylus much more prone to skipping.

    EDIT: if you currently use elliptical styli, consider switching to spherical. the latter stay in the groove better.
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    Freefloats. Great solution.
    We got those in the venue to dampen the 6750 watt of sub per side, about 3 meters next to the SL1200.
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