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    Default Traktor Deck Focus

    Simple and quick question:

    I'm using a MidiFighter with the Deckalized Focus tsi. When shifting deck focus, it constantly switches views, between essential, browser, mixer, etc. How can I stop it from switching views everytime I switch focus?

    Furthermore, when toggling through the different decks, it began skipping deck B. In other words, it would go ACD and never focus on deck B. Any thoughts as to the cause of this? I don't think that I changed anything, other than that I began creating my custom mapping for my APC40 around the same time it started to behave this way.

    Any help is much appreciated!

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    Not sure exactly why it is doing this, perhaps your inputs and outputs aren't set to midifighter? This could be causing a conflict with another mapping. Are you sure you are in four-banks mode? Best thing to do is re-import the mapping and if that doesn't fix it, it is likely a MF setup issue.
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