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    So i got a S2 for my birthday from this website and just today i received this email saying that i had to validate my identity by scanning a card holders ID or adding this "Josh," on facebook... it also says that the card holder should add him but my dad or who ever that paid for my S2 doesnt have facebook, so i added Josh myself... What is the point of this? and is this Email a fake ? this dident happen when i bought my Midi fighter from this site :/

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    They've had som issues with scammers so it sounds like this is some kind of security thing.
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    i see... so then what should i do now ? how does one "Scan a card holders ID" and i added the dude on facebook so should i just wait now, this is kinda worrying me because i have a wedding i need to do soon and i really need this fast as i can so i can get used to it :/ thanks !

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    oh sweet its off of hold now, thanks LOL

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    I got this same email and my order is on hold, coincidence or do I need to add this guy too?

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    Yeah you do... its kind of a weird process LOL but yeah you need to add him and it gets off on hold (y)

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