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    Default My First gig.

    Hey everybody! I have finaly got my first gig. Aproxomatly 300, 16 and 17 year old people who wants to party. And i need some tips, and if you know about some nice partytracklist please comment. I am a traktor s2(traktor pro 2) user. The gig is in two weeks so i got some time to prepare.

    Thanks for comments

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    without sounding sh**ty mate, by having your first gig you should already know what you are going to play. two weeks is not really enough time to prepare from nothing. you haven't said what sort of genre youre supposed to be playing, saying they want to party isnt really specific enough, and 300 people is a lot to burn in front of, i wouldnt wish that on anyone but you really need to get cracking mate.
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    Aye. What kind of scene is it? I assume its not a club and more a highschool dance given the age group, that said you'll probably end up playing alot of Top 40s, Mainstream House and electro. DO a bit of research and see what songs are absolute bangers for that age agroup and put together a small list of must plays, from there go with the crowd and the vibe.

    Songs like Avicii's Levels are obvious winners in that crowd, black eyed peas, calvin harris, pitbull etc are all Top 40 winners. If you're looking to spice it up look for some solid remixes. Drop a bit of electro in there to break it up. Unfortunately for 40's events I don't think I've ever seen a floor fill up faster than when "BEP - I gotta feeling". I've found great success with Skrillex's new "Break n A Sweat" despite me not having much love for skrillex. Wolfgang gartner works well in that group. You'll probably be able to get away with a bit of Kaskade. Swedish House Mafia of course, tommy trash. If it feels like a top40's / kids event you'll probably want to stay away from most trance and slower house and stick with 40's and electro. Old classics like Benassi's Satisfaction, Daft Punks Celebrate and what not can help pull a crowd.

    Songs I've ALWAYS had success with at Top40s
    BEP - Gotta Feeling
    Nicki Minaj - Starships
    Calvin Harris - We Found Love
    Benny Benassi - Beautiful People
    SHM - Antidote (Tommy Trash edit)
    Skrillex - Break N A Sweat
    Wolfgang and Deadmau5 - ANimal Rights
    Deadmau5 - Ghosts N stuff
    Chris Brown and whoever - International Love
    Such is life doing shitty gigs

    Have to kind of know the crowd and the venue. If its largely top40's you can't really go wrong since its all easy to mix structurally and the kids love it.
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    Thank you so much. i think iwill start up with set 1 some hits, techno with nice drops. Then set 2 with some trance/techno/complextroish and then set 3 some electro house and house. And after that i can start to be creative after i have gained there trust. set 4 songs i like and mayby i will be doing some mashups. I can post the tracklist here, but have to wait some houres. I talkd to a friend of mine, he is an working dj. So i got a few tips.

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    yeah that was it.. the gig has been canceld because of gang stuff.. i hate gangs..........

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    Gangs? Where do you live?

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    oh wow was this school dance?

    not to troll or anything but lol on the gang thing

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    i've got my first gig coming up, but its for my old primary french school so i cant really play any top of the charts songs. unless its electro with no words or in french. i did some digging and found some nice tracks like this one,

    any suggestions?

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