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    Love my trackball!!!! I was getting elbow and wrist fatigue bad when I played poker online for 4-5years. I'm sure I was headed for carple tunnel. Got a trackball and never looked back.

    I use this one

    Not the fanciest or most expensive, but works. I have one that is around 6 years old, and it's still going strong.

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    Yeah…track balls are just plain better. I also want to get one of these (

    ) at some point, because it'll probably be a while before I can afford a control surface with a wheel. But I'm seriously considering whether or not the Magic Trackpad will work about as well…depends on whether I can get gestures to work correctly.

    I'm thinking it's not worth the effort, though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sherlock Ohms View Post
    (grumbles about ergonomic mice being anti-leftie)
    I'm left-handed. I use track pads with my left hand because they're in the middle of laptops, but I've never even thought about touching a mouse or track pad with my left hand.

    I think the problem is on your end. No one else cares.

    (sorry if that came off as catty…it's just that when people complain about shit that doesn't matter, it makes the view point less relevant in other people's eyes…it's more important that someone releases a left-handed chainsaw than a left-handed ergo mouse)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xonetacular View Post
    Some of you guys really like trackballs eh? I've never really given one a shot, hmm...
    They are fantastic to use once you get used to them. But my choice is the one with the ball at the thumb.

    Quote Originally Posted by MyUsername View Post
    I have a magic mouse, wish I bought the magic trackpad instead.
    I have both and know what you mean, it's worth buying the other to have the choice.

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