Should I upgrade my gear?
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    Default Should I upgrade my gear?

    I currently have a Hercules RMX and a Kontrol X1. I'm debating selling both and getting the Kontrol S2. Very tempting but not sure if I should get it. Any opinions would be helpful

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    Having had an RMX and Considered getting an X1 for FX, I can tell you i'd jump on the s2 right now at the price.

    1 Better sound card.
    2. Separate knobs for FX control
    3. Sample Pads
    4. Touch Sensitive Platters
    5. Traktor 2 full version included (sell your old license).

    The RMX is a great piece of kit though don't get me wrong served its time, and its built like a tank, just outdated a bit now and you really need a separate controller for fX to top it off.

    I don't think you'd be disappointed with the S2

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    I have the S4 and I think there's nothing better out there in the market, imho. So I think, nothing wrong in buying an S2 or S4!

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    I also have a Kontrol S4 and its awesome. I started out on vinyl decks and the S4 is great, innovative, easy to use and learn on. Not to mention incredibly well built, like everything Native Instruments puts out IMO. You could buy it from the DJTT store, but I get my gear from who price matches the lowest prices on the market. They also offer four month payment plans with no credit check at all. I paid 243.00 they sent my S4 and I make three more payments of 243 to pay it off while Im using it. They have the S2 for 399.00 and its payments of 99.00/a month. Theres no interest. Check out and look at their details for the Pay As Play payment plan.

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