Hi Everyone,

Here goes my issue, I hope someone can help.

Recently I did a clean install of lion and all of my music programs on my desktop iMac to clean up all the clutter and remove a ton of unnecessary programs and files. After I had my desktop fully streamlined I cloned my desktop onto my laptop. This way I would have all updated software and sound-packs on both computers. Everything worked fine, but when I went to use Traktor on my laptop a lot of the tracks in my iTunes browser kept giving me the "missing or corrupt file" error. However, when I searched for that track using the regular browser (searched for the actual file under the iTunes folder/iTunes music) it loaded just fine. I also dragged the same track from iTunes directly into Traktor and it worked fine, but when I tried it from the Traktor iTunes browser, it gave me a missing or corrupt file. The same track I just dragged in.


Here is what I have attempted:

Reinstalled Traktor
Deleted the iTunes XML and let iTunes create a fresh one then in Traktor Preferences and relocated that new XML
Reinstalled iTunes v.10.6

I am running a MacBook Pro 2006
Traktor 2.1.2
iTunes 10.6


Everything on my desktop is running fine and there are no errors and all of the software is the same version.

Thanks in advance. I did look up some other threads but nothing helped me. So I created a new post.