Trying to Track my order but i cant!
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    Default Trying to Track my order but i cant!

    Ok, ive ordered my s2 etc, received email with a link that let me check the status of my order and said once it is shipped they would send me another email that would allow me to track my order. The second email came and told me to make a store account, so I did, and APPARENTLY on the My Account page you should be able to track your order but all I can see is options to change my contact information and my address book. I eventually found links in the support section linking me to track my order but unfortunately they just led me back to the semi blank My Account page.
    Please help, i want to know where my order is atm because I need it in at least two days before a deadline otherwise im going to have to cancel a gig (its only a support but its still a gig).
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Contact the store and see if they can give you an actual tracking number.
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