Anyone try this fader lube?
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    Default Anyone try this fader lube?

    I'd get the spray, but I think it would be better using a drop or two of the stuff instead of blasting a spray into the pitch faders on my 1200s. Anyone have some experience with this stuff?
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    MY Pro X Fade shipped with a bottle of Deoxit, so I'd assume this would be ok to use.

    Xonetacular would be the best person to ask for a definitive answer ...
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    I am pretty sure any silicone based lube/cleaner would work. I have actually not done this before so I put an email in to support at Panasonic to get the word straight from the horses mouth.

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    That lube will be fine.
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    When I got my tts and mixer, the faders were not at all smooth. I found this same stuff, and it worked great. Lasted about 6 months before I had to put more on.
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