First of all hello everyone, been checking this site often, but never registered on the forums.

Straight to the subject. I have all my music collection sorted and rated in traktor ever since pro 1, now i'm using pro 2. I also have the same collection in itunes organized in the same way (ratings, playlists, etc).

The problem that I'm encountering is: I use itunes to make playlists and give ratings. I reimport my collection in traktor and all the changes are imported until I load the tracks and play them. The moment the track is in the player, ratings are reverted to the ones traktor had before.

Another problem is let's say i analyze my tracks in traktor. then go to itunes and sort them and rate them, then go back into traktor and re-import them so new ratings appear. The moment I re-import the tracks, bpm data is lost, I have to analyze them again. This happens over and over again no matter what and how I do.

And one more thing. Let's say I analyze a track and it gives me 120 bpm. The moment I load the track and play, bpm is sometimes changed a little bit (from 120.000 to 119.850 let's say). Does that have to do with using the Detect BPM (async)? should I also do that after analyze job?

PS: I am using latest version of itunes and traktor pro 2 and also I am running latest version on lion. yes, I am using a mac...

Thank you.