Matching blue & black headphones for my (hopefully coming!) VCI 400 EGE!
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    Default Matching blue & black headphones for my (hopefully coming!) VCI 400 EGE!

    hey all

    Have two pairs of Senn HD-25's, one that lives in my DJing bag with lappy etc, and one that lives in my sound engineering toolbox when im working with bands and mixing shows. Both needed a bit of a tidy up and jumped online to get some new earpads and cables for them.

    As i was searching about came across who have came up on the site before.

    For my sound engineering ones I stayed with standard black earpads but got one of their "wrapped" cables, a genuine Sennheiser cable that is wrapped in a very hardwearing nylon mesh type stuff (same kind of thing you can buy to tidy up cable runs, which expands as you squash it down and then constricts as you pull it lengtwise). Its a black and white mesh, and makes the cable much harder wearing and also EXTREAMLY tangle proof. (thought its not as "white" as apears below, because its UV reactive comes out extra white in the flash)


    However for my DJing headphones, i've receintly purchased a standard VCI-400. Being in the UK was too much to import an EGE one but plan to upgrade it as soon as (if!) an overlay/firmware/mapping package comes out. In preperation for that upgrade and it's blue/black colour scheme i decided to have a little fun with this set and got "adidas" blue earpads, head padding and wrapped cable. They're not anywhere near as "luminous" as they apear in the pic below, have just came out very bright again because the cable in particuluar is UV reactive, and they actually match the blue of the EGE chromacaps almost exactly. Should look awesome once i get to upgrade the VCI 400!


    anyway just thought i'd share with you all Highly recomend the website, service was super quick and products were excellent quality, genuine Sennheiser parts. The cables in particuluar feel awesome with the hardwearing, tangleproof wrap and i would actually be VERY reluctant to buy a normal cable now if i ever need to replace them in the future.

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    i did exactly the same with my hd25's, blue adidas pads and headband, only difference is a bought the cable wrap and did it myself. i went through two cables in a month and was getting a bit ragged off. they do look stunning tho.
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    Nice! I'm ordering a pair of the Adidas HD25's. Also thinking about making custom green ones with the earpads and wraps from customcans

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    Jesus, it's a like a catwalk in here ...
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    Looking good kevinmcdonough and thanks for the mention

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    i went through two cables in a month and was getting a bit ragged off

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