VCI-400 EGE Sample decks problems/advice
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    Default VCI-400 EGE Sample decks problems/advice

    so ive been playing with the 400se for a week now and i have to say djtt did a GREAT job on the mapping and everything else! before we start i am on TP2 2.1.1 and using the DJTT newest mapping for the 400se and everything works good BUT the sample deck seems to be really "weak" at the moment as for its functionality with the 400se, im not sure if its just me being dumb and cant figure it out but here is the problems i am having.

    my set up:
    deck A and B is normal
    deck C and D is Sample (4 little screen on each side)
    1~now when im playing a song in A and would like to grab 8 bars down, very easy (click on loop deck top right and than click on one of the 4 buttons where the fx region is and bam 8 or w.e you selected bars goes down on first sample deck and so on)
    2~than i realize that it constantly playing and clicking the button in the fx region will only mute or unmute (which is fine)
    3~but than i goes to the bottom and switch the (cue 1-4/loop/jog fx) and put it into loop mode
    4~the 4 green button on the bottom do the same thing as the 4 button under the fx region (why? i thought the 4 green button on bottom would play or pause the sample?)
    5~so once you fill up all 4 sample in deck C i realize that you cant deleted it or replace it with a different sample with any button on the controller? i tried holding down Shift while clicking on the 4 button under fx region and holding down shift while clicking on the 4 green button (cue 1-4/loop/jog fx) while in loop mode. (for everything else holding down shift and click on button seem to deleted others stuff like loop on deck A and what not, i LOVE that feature btw lol)

    im making this thread not to say they didnt do a great job on the mapping, dont get me wrong they did Fantastic JOB! i wish im a mapping guru cause theres so much ideas in my head i would love to put out into mapping so i can turn this already a monster of a controller into a beast that it could be.

    If anyone out there is a mapping grand master, i have alot of ideas that would love to put it into a mapping and if we can put our brain together, we could make use 100% of the sample deck with all the buttons that the 400 provide!

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    I believe I read about this in another thread and someone agreed that the mapping would be updated to be able to delete the sample decks without having to touch the mouse or keyboard. Seems like something little that was overlooked.

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