Sample Decks - Heres what I'd like to be able to do?
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    Default Sample Decks - Heres what I'd like to be able to do?


    have a standard VCI-400 and am playing about with how I play and trigger the sample decks. Here's what i'd like to be able to do, wonder if anyone else can help me sort it.....

    I'd like to have them behave differently depending on whether its a loop sample such as a drum beat or a one shot sample such as a sound effect or vocal shout. I notice in the browser options that you can set the samples to be either "loops" or not, and so assume this is possible.

    When i load in a loop, i would like it to work pretty much as the VCI currently does, playing it starts it looping then mutes it in and out. Would be nice however to add a shift button to turn the play/mute into a stop.

    However when its a single sample, i'd like the play button to act more like a hotcue, where in when you press it at first it plays but when you press it again, it re-triggers it to play again, not stops or mutes it. So you can press it quite rapidly and have it repeat a few times and stuff. When its a one shot like this would also like a shift button so that the play button can act like a hold button, i.e. it only plays as long as your holding it down and then stops soon as you let it up, so that you can play just a small section if needed.

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    I asked something similar in the S2/S4 forum, and other than one person who seems to be trolling, didn't get much of an answer...

    Edit: To add on to my response. I would like to launch samples with a more MPC type response. Based on some readings on the NI forum, I'm thinking about making audio clips with 4 samples, beatgridding & hot-cueing them in Traktor and launching them that way. I'll let you know when I get a chance to try it out.
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    Well have worked out the first part, how to make the sample decks work more like hot cues:

    Firstly set each of the "deck play" commands for the sample slots to direct, and the value to 1. This means that each when you press each button it'll start the sample, but then basically not work after that the sample will just play through to the end. However then add a second command "retrigger play" and learn it to the same button, set to Hold. So each time you press the button again it'll retrigger the sample, but then when you take your finger off it'll be "un-holding" it so will revert back to the deck playing status.

    you can then tap on it and play on it and it'll continue to trigger just like a hot cue.

    However so far, even though you can set samples as one shots or loops and Traktor can see the difference, this only seems to effect whether it stops at the end or whether it plays again in a loop, it doesnt seem to be able to be passed to the mapping system so you can change behaviour based on it and have it work differently. Shame, but having the cues working more like a hot cue was my main thing so am happy for now :-)

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    just to keep myself clear, while the MODS have seen fit to move this from the Controller Mappings section of the forum to the DJTT VCI-400 section, the changes to the mapping i have made above are to a standard, vanilla VCI-400. While they may, and almost certainly will, also work on an EGE VCI-400 i have not personally tested this and dont wanna be responsible for anyone fucking up their EGE mapping At least do a back up of all your settings first so there arent any problems.


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    Thanks for figuring that out. I was just trying to have a go at this but you saved me an hour or so!!

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