Single TT .. Multi TT .. What a nightmare!
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    Default Single TT .. Multi TT .. What a nightmare!

    I am having a really hard time resolving an issue on a brand new Asus motherboard P8H61-MX. It seems that Asus have cut a corner or two and only included a single TT setup on the motherboard which has 6 inbuilt USB ports and an extra 2 ports in a front facing hub. I am having real difficulty finding a PCI express USB card here in the UK which actually has a built in Multi TT setup. My Vestax VCI-100 midi controller fails to function without multi TT, and if anyone has any advice it would be appreciated.

    The Asus motherboard also seems to struggle with more than 1 midi based controller, that will function under the single TT setup, plugged into the ports at the back at any one time, and seems only to like two midi based controllers plugged in at any one time, one into one of the front usb ports, and one into the back. For example, if you try plugging a Launchpad and a NIO 2|4 soundcard into two of the usb ports on the rear USB root hub at the same time, neither will function, but plugging one into the front USB root hub and one device into the rear USB root hub, seems to enable them to function properly.

    Obviously, I could be wrong about the Multi TT/ Single TT thing, but it seems to me through the research I have carried out, that this is the only likely cause.

    Any assistance from anyone in the know would be thoroughly appreciated.
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