Getting Paid - Percentage or Fixed amount?
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    Default Getting Paid - Percentage or Fixed amount?

    Obviously, clearing the most money is the goal (financially speaking).

    Going to be gigging at a large college bar in downtown Toronto. I gotta figure out how Id rather get paid. Your thoughts? either its a fixed amount OR percentage off the bar/sales

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    I'd go for fixed amount - then you can negotiate a deal your happy with.
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    I'd go fixed.

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    fixed +3

    i always ask for a set amount and tell them if things go well for them and they want to entice me to return id accept some sort of bribe after the evening closes.
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    A percentage of the revenues would mean you'd have to bear some of the entrepreneurial risk... As you are not in control over many factors that determine success or failure of the event I'd probably go for the fixed amount.

    If you wanna go for the variable payment you may want to:

    - make sure you get full insight into all the relevant numbers (could be kinda easy for them to screw you over by telling you false numbers)
    - look at their numbers from similar events in the past before negotiating your share of the sales
    - include the risk into your calculation, i.e. if you normally would take e.g. 500$ for the gig you should ask for a percentage of the sales that earns you MORE than 500$ when the expected number of people turns up.

    Best thing would be if you could turn that "or" (
    Quote Originally Posted by SourOne View Post
    either its a fixed amount OR percentage off the bar/sales
    ) into an "and". Ask for a fixed amount, that covers your expenses and grants you a small profit and then maximise your profit through the share of the revenues you get.

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    Fixed. If you're hungry for a percentage, take a slighty smaller fixed amount and ask for a small percentage in addition. Taking a percentage just allows for too much wiggle-room for promoters to try to get out of paying you what you deserve.

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