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    Yo guy's,

    i was thinking, when i made my account almost all usernames i wanted were already taken. For example: I wanted DoubleYou, but unfortunately this username is taken by someone who posted just one message in may 2008. Can't you guy's just delete all of these accounts, with 1 or 2 post and not active for about 5 years? I think that in about 4 years almost all normal names are taken by 1 post visitors and spammers and we are forced to put al kinds of weird number combinations before, in or after our names. I get that this is not really a problem but if you can solve this by just a few click's i would be very happy cuz i really don't like DJ before my name
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    Sure you can see the number of forum posts, you just don't know what the user has with regards to PMs, and if he or she still uses the account to lurk.

    Also, if we are going to delete old usernames and accounts, we still need to implement that in the regulations and registration message.
    If we were to just delete accounts without notifying, because newer/more recently active members will finally have the opportunity to register their desired name, we could run into some serious legal ish...
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