VCI-400 Ean + Traktor for noobs thread
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    Question VCI-400 Ean + Traktor for noobs thread

    Yes, I'm a noob at this. We all started somewhere and I am starting this thread for people new to the program. Basically, I need help with tips, suggestions and answer to a few questions (VCI-400 Ean firmware).

    1: How to I set up the jog wheel effects?
    2: How can I change the sound effects?

    The DJTT community has been good to me so far, thanks.
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    Zonta: welcome to the community

    Assuming you purchased the VCI-400 Ean Golden Edition controller, if you view the video he posted about it, you will get a general idea of how to use it. This controller isn't the easiest to learn from if it is your first time DJing at all.

    If you only have the regular VCI-400 (red middle coloring and red fader knobs) then setting it up jog effects requires you to download a different mapping and import it into Traktor. Some can be found at (for instance:

    Hope that helps.
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