VCI-400 EGE Mappings different for Mac and PC?
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    Default VCI-400 EGE Mappings different for Mac and PC?

    My friend and I both have the EGE and our mappings are different. The effects and a few other things are different. Anyone else know why or how to change them, because in both of our opinions, the MAC version effects are better. Help?

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    I've read from several other posts is that if you have a previous mapping and import the new mapping just once, remnants of the old remain, causing undesired effects. My guess is that one of you have the default Traktor mapping loaded, imported the EGE .tsi and got the correct effects grouping, while the other didn't. The solution would be load the EGE .tsi mapping twice using the Import button of the preferences, so the old settings get overwritten completely. Then modify it to your needs. This should get rid of the problem of same .tsi, different effects.

    Hope that helps
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