VCI-100 I think its a problem
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    Default VCI-100 I think its a problem

    First:Thank you Ean for your effort and for presenting this unique controller to us.

    I`ve just bought it and use the tks file from vestax and this site and the problem is the same.
    the sync button is on, and the track is played, on deck A, and
    vinyl mode is on, and the track is played, on deck B
    then when I touch jog wheal on deck B, the track on deck A is paused just for a second, or less, and then it continue playing, and vice versa.

    So is it normal or not? Solutions?

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    Hi Mekon,

    This is normal behaviour. I generally stear clear of ever having sync 'on'. I just use the button to quickly match the BPM and phase and then turn it of again. If the tracks dont stay fairly synced using this method then they probably will sound like crap with sync turned on any way.

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    I forgot that sync should be use just once. It was 2am when I discovered it and my first use. Sorry.
    Well, someone can use it for effect.

    I will be back soon if I have some problem(especially if I don`t figure out midi page function for double,triple the amount of buttons-if this is used for that).


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