VCI-100 SE ARCADE 4 SALE (+Traktor PRO)
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    Default VCI-100 SE ARCADE 4 SALE (+Traktor PRO)

    Hi people.

    Need to sell my VCI-100 Arcade (w/ firmware update). Bought it new from Ean in Dec. and it has seen, seriously, less than 2 hrs. practice/play time.

    Arcade buttons are black w/ one hot pink. If you don't like the pink button, they are easily changed out.

    Paid $1000. Selling for $750 OBO.

    I'm also selling my Trakor Scratch Pro.
    Paid almost $700. Selling for $400 OBO. --- SOLD

    Payment via paypal. You pay shipping, or local pick-up (San Diego, Orange County, CA)

    VCI-100 SE w/ ARCADE BUTTONS (and Firmware 1.3)

    Happy to send more photos/answer any questions. email:

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    yo anybody out there willing to give me 800 bugs?
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    err why did you pay 1k USD for the vci-100 arcade?
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    $899 + $79 in tax.

    Bought it direct from DJ Tech/Ean.

    Not sure I understand the why?. I bought it because it's an amazing/cool piece of equipment- and that was the asking price.

    Now they're going for $849 (w/o tax), I guess. BUT YOU CAN'T GET ONE ANYHOW- as of now, they're sold out.

    If you're interested, let me know. If not, hope I answered your question.
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