March Mix: Sampler
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    Default March Mix: Sampler

    All Chiptune, All Hour!

    Available on Soundcloud and Youtube, skip ahead to 39:52 for some lovely midifighter loop roll mashing

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    To be honest with you, i don't find this 8bit music enjoyable, one track might be good to change the vibe and maybe make people laugh, but a whole hour of 8bit, feels like i'm stuck in Mario World

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    No worries. As a producer of chiptunes and a yearly ticket holder to Blipfest NY since it started, I can claim with confidence that there are people who are chasing that exact feeling, but I know it's not for everyone. Luckily, neither am I.

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    I love this mix. I'm a big chiptune guy, though. If you grew up with these games, this kind of music just soothes you.

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