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    Quote Originally Posted by 7ZUSTY View Post
    Not at all. The DJM costs about £1279, so it isn't really a consideration. If I were to get it at the price you mentioned. I sort of see what you mean, especially with regards to not needing an audio interface nor the software, but because of the actual retail price (unless i'm not looking in the right place!) I could get a Xone 92 used and the DVS for less. I would be curious to know how do you get your turntables working with Traktor using the DJM T1?
    Guitar Center will A) typically have 15% off deals at least every other month if not more often also use or any other search engine for products for sale and GC will price match... The DJM-T1 is a 2 channel mixer with the DVS interface built in plus it has sample decks and looping and FX from Traktor right at your fingertips... and it come with TSP duo (automatically upgraded by NI to Pro version as of 5/30. just hook up your decks, ground them to the mixer and run the software on your laptop. its basically a Pioneer version that uses traktor of the popular RaneTm-57 (or newer 61 model)... comes with control vinyl and cd's as well. hell im about ready to keep my nexus at the sudio and buy a djm-t1 for home studio just from talking about it so much...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mostapha View Post
    Those mixers are fun. Make sure you can deal with the EQs on that one…I think they're like +/- 16dB, which is an insane amount of boost and won't make you happy if you want full kill. The 170, 17a, 180, 185, and a few others are very similar designs, mostly just with different EQs, IIRC.

    I'd buy a vestax over a Pioneer any day…even if you're comparing models that aren't in the same league…but I'm a vestax fanboy.

    The price for that 62 seems high to me, but that's because I bought and sold one for around the same price (in USD) that was in great condition apart from having a blue face plate and some gain controls that needed cleaning.

    Don't quote me on this, because I'm not an expert…but I did talk to A&H's American tech support when I noticed those gains were cracking……see if you can figure out why he replaced channels. Crackling should have been solved by cleaning the faders + pots. I'd infer liquid damage, but I'm not the least bit confident in that…and if it's fixed, it's fixed. A&H makes it easy to replace channels. It's one of their selling points.
    I still can't decide. There aren't many used Xone92's knocking about at the moment at a good price. I'm tempted by the Vestax, but not sure if it's the right choice since I'm not going to be scratching or doing the whole-turntablism-thing. I'm more EDM (House, DnB, Dubstep, Jungle, UK Garage) so can't help but feel that A&H or Pioneer are the obvious choice.



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