An Ableton noob with a few questions (classes/courses, etc)
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    Default An Ableton noob with a few questions (classes/courses, etc)

    Hello all, I apologize in advance if this type of thread is annoying and recurring. I looked at the FAQ thread and didn't see anything directly on point.

    I'm new to the supply side of the EDM scene, but I'd very much like to begin producing music. I have essentially zero music background, and my time is currently devoted to finishing law school here in the US. In my spare time, I recently began playing around with Ableton (with Massive and Sylenth) - and from there I signed up for Sonic Academy and watched a couple of their tutorials. Making my first song (basically going along with the Popstep SA tutorial) was one of the most fun/addicting/challenging experiences I've had. But I'd like to take my skills to the next level, become a little more serious about this (I'll have a few months before I begin practicing at a law firm - and I plan to continue doing this as a hobby on the side).

    I'd like to make the most of my time before I begin work in a few months - so I'm thinking an online course is the best option. As I said, I've done a couple of the Sonic Academy tutorials, which have been great. But a friend in the industry recently recommended Point Blank, and after some investigation, it looks more serious than Sonic.

    Which courses/classes/companies do you recommend utilizing?
    Is it possible to continue to improve as an EDM producer by putting in 10-20 hours per week on top of a full-time job?
    Any other advice for a noob?

    I'd like to produce music similar to the likes of: Skrillex*, Feed Me*, Porter Robinson*, Zomboy, Knife Party, Zeds Dead, Krewella...

    Thanks in advance for your advice and information! I'm excited to be here.


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    There's no need to do classes mate, youtube and message boards will supply you with all the info/knowledge you'll need. But the real joy in this is the self discovery and learning how to do things your own way and from their build your knowledge base and skills organically.

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    Before you do pointblank look up wholeheartedly recommend if you prefer personal tuition, as said before much of the video based learning can be acheived using youtube...


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    Youtube is your best friend, saves money too.

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