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    Default what to buy next?

    OK so i have a numark mixtrack pro (the sound card doesn't work with traktor), and a midi fighter pro, i am using traktor pro 2 and i want just something else in my set-up like a kontrol x1 (for looping because the mixtrakc looping and effects and cue point sections are rubbish) but i thought that they might be out of date, or a kontrol f1 ? any ideas? thanks

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    I would say a sound card.. unless your a bedroom dj and dont mind using the computers S.C.

    Not familiar with numarks, but why wouldn't the S.C. work with traktor?
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    If your using a Midi Fighter Pro....get rid of the numark.
    Sell it on kijiji...cash in and save up for something better to match the midi fighter

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    Some people will sell their x1s for affordable prices soon. Just wait some weeks...

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