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    Default CDJ-350, DJM-350 setup, need buying tips

    Hey guys, I'm really new to this and am looking to purchase 2 CDJ-350's and DJM-350 today.

    I just had a question regarding monitors and accessories. Is it possible to hook up to a computer speaker set (Creative L3800)?

    I know I should probably get some basic studio monitors, but I'm trying to not buy everything all at once and max out my credit card limit.

    If the computer speakers are a no, then can you give some recommendations on what monitors I should get? Looking for something inexpensive as I am just learning and will be practicing for a while.

    Also, what cables would I need to connect the mixer to the speakers or the monitors?

    Look forward to your suggestions!

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    Hello mate, Welcome to the forum.

    I'm presuming your computer speakers will have a 3.5mm jack so to connect them to your mixer you'll need one of these plugged straight into your master out.

    Hope that helps.

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    Yes it's possible.
    An easy way for you is buying a adapter that looks like this
    and you put your 3.5mm which usually goes into your comp to the black end and the white/red into the mixer master output (djm 350).
    You are on the right way to get better speakers, it will be worth it for sure. I'm crying all the time i see people with 4000 dollar mixertables and 50 dollar speakers.
    If I were you i'd look for used cdj 400s instead of the cdj 350, then you will save enough money for a decent pair of speakers, like the yamaha HM80. The 350 is nothing that i recommend.. the jogwheel is pure shit compared to other stuff.

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