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    Can anyone recommend a consulting company or independent consultant that deals with DJ's?

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    For marketing? or business strategy?

    I dont think it would be too hard to find someone good - just make sure you are picky. People can say whatever they want online and people sometimes exaggerate their own accomplishments. I would recommend someone who is an expert on branding and brand design. Somebody with a portfolio of work that you feel suits your style. It is worth investing in if you find the right person. Be weary of anybody that really justifies their costs to you.
    Effective branding and strategy associated with it takes hard work! Sure, it includes things like logo, colors, and type, but it is important to have something cohesive. Good branding requires research, planning, and quality execution. Any creative professional worth his salt wont need to "explain" to potential clients why they cost so much money.
    That being said, there is no reason this needs to be an expensive venture. There are plenty of smart, talented designers with something to prove. Lots of them will be willing to work with you if you are honest and accountable. If its business-related advice your looking for, then this forum is a great place to start! Try asking specific questions - there are some incredibly successful people lurking...

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