Numark N4 with serato intro?
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    Default Numark N4 with serato intro? new here and glad to be a member...i recently purchased an numark n4 and it came with serato intro... now i visited the website and it said serato intro can have more then one cue point but on my controller it only has one...would i be able to plug in to the mixer like a midi fighter or kontrol x1 to control those cue points? thank you

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    Hi and welcome to DJTT!

    As for controlling extra cue points, you have a couple of options. The easiest is to use keyboard shortcuts (look it up on your manual). The next option is to use another controller, BUT it is not straightforward. You need a keystroke emulator to take the extra controller's input and convert it to keystrokes. Have a look at this DJTT article to see how it's done: Using Multiple Controllers with Itch. I know it's for Itch, but the exact same principle applies. There is a guy on the Serato forums called "selecta paul" who has made a cool little app called MITCH that does the keystroke in a simple way. Check it out here: MITCH - Midi to Itch

    Let us know how you get on
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