My Novation Twitch Decksaver with Pics!
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    Default My Novation Twitch Decksaver with Pics!

    Hi Guys, So I got sick of waiting for Decksaver to release a lid for the Novation Twitch and I'll be traveling overseas next week (for god knows how long?) so I needed a case ASAP! I know there is a flight case out but why would I get this nice light and compact unit only to shove it in a big arsed heavy case thats twitch the size, seriously it defeats the purpose of buying the thing in the first place!!...
    Anyway so I decided to make my own, it cost me about $20 Australian and took about 1.5 hours to make. Im not exactly bob the builder so Im sure you guys could do a neater job but it fits perfect and its seriously rock solid! pictures below...


    The whole thing is surprisingly light! the aluminum brace rests on top of the controller which than leaves a tiny gap of a few millimeters from the knobs and faders so their not actually touching the lid. I would suggest maybe using black perspex instead of clear, I think i would look neater and more desecrate especially if your gonna silicone the whole thing together instead of just pop rivet it like i did!
    anyway please feel free to copy (for personal use only!) and if you have any questions feel free to ask!
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