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    Quote Originally Posted by Cybertrash View Post
    I.. Are you sure you're in Stockholm? Because this doesn't sound familiar to the scene I know at all. We've got a pretty big "underground" scene.

    If you want bass music (Dubstep/DnB etc), hit up All Out Dubstep, you've also got Vidrig and Subsonic (both do DnB/Dubstep/Filth). Also Traffic DnB

    There's also a fairly big psytrance scene, check out Private Crew/Technostate.

    There's also the Monday Bar Cruises that tend to play a variety of styles (everything from hard trance to psy to hardstyle)

    Then there's a pretty large variety of smaller events that tend to throw "everything goes" parties, these guys play everything from Hardstyle to UKHC & Darkpsy, and their parties are usually pretty cool.

    I think you're just looking at the wrong places.
    This is why I love DJTT.

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    ^agreed, you can learn so much about something you think you know all about just by tapping into someone else's knowledge or seeing it from a different perspective
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