Anybody down with DMC battles?
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    Default Anybody down with DMC battles?

    I am a Dj out of Las Vegas and have been djing for 8 years, pro for 6. I DJ under the name Kool Dj Dielekt aka DLKTK. I recently entered the DMC online dj battles using a MacbookPro with Serato, Rane 57SL mixer, two Technic 1210 mk5's and Shure M44-7 needles on gold Technic Headshells. If you would like to see my DMC Submission please follow this link--->

    If you like the video, please go ahead and vote. Also, if you would like to talk and chat about battles, gear, programs, and other dj nerdy stuff, hit me up. Links below.

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    Welcome, you might want to check out this thread.
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    What kind of screws do you use on those headshells?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sobi View Post
    What kind of screws do you use on those headshells?
    I lol'd

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    CTRL Demolition is he took like 5th or 8th in Europe DMC

    plus hes a laid back dude.
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    confession time: I clicked on this thread only because my dirty mind made a connection between "6 analogues and 14 digitals" and "2 girls 1 cup".
    Setup: VAI-40, Nanokey2, APC20, Ableton, (Shit ton of VST), TP2, DN SC2000, LPD8 (RIP) MF3D (with custom Mapping FX for ableton for Turnado and Artillary2 (ill release it when its been perfected.) PM me if interested in the mapping or helping me with it.

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