Starting fresh... need advice!
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    Default Starting fresh... need advice!

    Okay guys, first post here... so be kind haha

    So basically I just bought my first controller (novation twitch), traktor pro 2, mixed in key, and platinum notes.

    Im not new to the world of Dj'ing but im looking for advice to start over, fresh, new library, everything sync'd ect.

    Basically... I have probably somewhere near 2000 songs specifically that id like to use for DJ'ing (edm) and also 10000 other non-edm music inside my itunes library.

    Id like some advice on iTunes import settings, Platinum Notes and MIK import settings, music management (folders vs itunes auto)... etc

    Ideally Id like to have ALL my music in iTunes... ran through Platinum Notes and Mixed In Key so that the songs ID3 Tags have tempo and key... a separate library for EDM (djing) and a non-djing library... and all sync up with Traktor for quick access...

    okay... advice... GO!

    Thanks ahead of time.

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    Just set up some edm playlists / folders etc. I have chill edm, party starters, continuers, bangers and closers. Which i use for different things throughout a night...

    But... 10,000 songs?
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    Man I know wedding DJ's will quite often have access to libraries that big but quite honestly i just use around 70 tracks in my library. I have extended libraries for those moments when you want a specific track you haven't used in a while but using a 2000 song library will just get cumbersome!

    the blog has some good articles on how to organise your music, as well as there is a pretty big thread about it! I couldnt find it when i searched but no doubt someone will have a link!

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