Zedd-shotgun vs Beastie Boys-intergalactic- criticism wanted
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    Default Zedd-shotgun vs Beastie Boys-intergalactic- criticism wanted

    I'm wanting some tips on how to get this sounding better. I'm pretty new to do this kind of things but I'm wondering if theres something I can do to make this sound more, I don't know, together?


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    Sounds pretty good. Vocals go good with the song IMO. What i'd do is just add a reverb on the vocals, dry/wet at 35-38% to make it melt smoothly into the other tune.

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    Thanks, I put a bit of reverb on more about 20% throughout the vocal, I think I'll come back and have another crack at it when my skills are a bit better though

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    Sounds pretty good.The vocal rhythms/grooves are slightly off beat at some points. Fixing that would make it sound more together, also try EQing the mids slightly in the Zedd track, that would free up freq space for the vocals though they already come through pretty clearly.

    Keep up the good work broski!

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    I've since got it more into sync in the last verse, I think the vocal generally goes a bit off though and too much makes it sound unnatural.

    I'll have a go with the EQ tomorrow, thanks for the tips!

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    This is pretty good. Is this a live remix, or studio? If live, it's great.

    The vocals fit well with the song's vibe for the most part. There's a couple areas were the sync sounds a little dodgy to my ears, but I think its more to do with the vocals being intentionally off timing or rushed in the original song for some parts.

    One trick might be to gate (beatmasher effect on traktor) the vocals in those spots to cut em up a little, get them to go with the beat a little more, and add a little flair at the same time. The line at 2:17 by Mike D comes to mind for this, right before the break.

    Just keep playing with it. MCA lives on.

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    Dunno if you replaced the original file or not but IMO if anything, the vocal needs a bit less delay during the first verses, not more of it like the rest are recommending. What does help is to load a different delay/reverb patch on a return channel and play with it during the end to create some tail effects. Around 2.30 you have a harsh cut after the vocal finishes, right now it just sounds like it ran out. Don't be afraid to loop and/or edit it to fit the predominant track. Same commentary around 4min.

    Match the gains accordingly and use some thoughtful compression to even it up (meaning don't just put a limiter at the end of the chain).

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    Sorry to disappoint but its studio! I decided to leave DJing alone and focus on studio stuff for, well for as long as it takes me to get a buzz for djing again. Not that I find it bad, it's just I find myself using it to kill time, not developing new skills with it.

    The beatmash idea is excellent though, I'll definitely have a go at that the next time I load it back into ableton, thank you very much for the feedback, Im learning!

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    Only just seen that second post there. Thanks for the advice.

    I'm going to try mashing the verse which doesnt fit so well and revise it too while Im at it.
    Try to recreate something like a delay freeze like in traktor, but in ableton.
    Some subtle EQ where they clash.
    And I'll also try your advice out by reducing the delay, trying a seperate patch, and a bit of compression, thanks very much!

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    Default vox are 1 measure ahead of the tune.

    Quote Originally Posted by elliot1106 View Post

    I'm wanting some tips on how to get this sounding better. I'm pretty new to do this kind of things but I'm wondering if theres something I can do to make this sound more, I don't know, together?

    you should have waited 1 more measure to bring the vox in, then everything would have aligned perfectly. the drop is where the vox should start.

    the vocals are just a lil ahead of the beat making it feel out of place.

    look at this bootleg i made.
    the vox come in on the drop.


    ^^^^ free download ^^^^
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