Not getting confirmation email for mappings login
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    Default Not getting confirmation email for mappings login

    I've been trying to create a sign in for the mappings page but I'm not getting a confirmation email. I've tried re-sending it a couple of times, but no-go. Any idea why?

    Just bought an S2 from DJTT so I'm trying to use a few of these mappings!

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    Have you checked your junk or spam folder?
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    Yep. Nothing there, unfortunately.

    I think I used a different email for the mappings sign up than what is attached to my forum account. Would that cause problems?

    I tried redoing it with my email attached to my forum login, but it says "this username is taken."

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    You can use a different email address compared to te forum, that should be fine. Send me an email to john at djtechtools dot com from the email address you signed up with and I'll checked what happened.

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