First and foremost, here's the link to the software.. ControllerMate

Now, I don't know if any of you have ever used or heard of this software, but I've had it for about 2 years now, which is about how long it's been since the last post I could find that mentioned it, so I figured it was time to revisit this. I am not affiliated with this company or software at all, simply a very enthused user that just discovered new features that I had to share with my DJ community. I doubt the makers of this program were thinking of us exactly when they did this so I wanted to spred the word.

ControllerMate was originally only for mice, joysticks, etc that you wanted to change button messages for, activate scripts with, etc. Really more of something for the hardcore gamers out there. I was using it in a professional manner with ProTools for hot keys on a R.A.T. 9 Gaming mouse. Now the thing is, I hadn't updated the software in over a year, and when I did today there was an amazing surprise! They now have incorporated MIDI into the software as well. So now you can manipulate MIDI in and out data and mix it up with data from any other input device!

Let me tell you right now, this was already powerful software before for controller message manipulation, and has a very easy to use building block system that is extremely intuitive. I made my first superknob mapping within 10 minutes. It allows for so many different options that my mind is going crazy with possibilities already. I can see using this for creating some great superknobs/faders and more from controllers that you never could before. It uses a block system somewhat like Apple's MIDI setup where you just set building blocks on a grid and interconnect them. Very much hands on and pretty fun to use. There's logic blocks like and/nor/xor and toggle gates to build crazy combos and modifiers; you can set faders and knobs for range values and have them do something extra every increment you set, creating superknobs and faders; set an effect to a momentary button that if you held that button for 3 seconds, another effects kicks in, another 3 seconds comes another, and another! The possibilites are crazy and this is just stuff I know it can do from my experience using it for ProTools, and a very quick list at that.

The free version limits you to 10 generator blocks, which is plenty to see the power of this software and what I'm talking about. The best thing is the full version is only $25, which is a steal for something this powerful and door-opening. I don't have a lot of experience with Bomes as I haven't owned it, but to me this seems like it could be just as powerful, with what to me seems like an easier interface for creating these mappings.

Like I said, I just stumbled across this today when I was upgrading my version and had to share. I'm already very excited to get into the possibilities mapping out some new things to my Maschine and X1 Knobs, and my RigKontrol's footpedal! Now just need to get that F1 in to figure out my final setup!